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  My name is Elizabeth Oliver and my parent bought a toy female white poodle from you, as a Chirstmas present for me. I just wanted to tell you that she, Harley, is doing WONDERFUL!! We are both in Milan, Italy and she has become the love of all the italians. Thank you so much for her.
Also, if you have ANY other litters from the SAME poodle parents as her, could you please contact me. My mother needs something to keep herself warm since I have taken her cuddle bunny away from her!

thanks so much!



This is Laurie Cruikshank in Newnan Ga who bought the little female yorkie
that you sold for your friend in Columbus.  Soey is the sweetest and cutest
dog we have ever owned.  We couldn\'t be happier with her.  You certainly
have quality animals.  Thank you so much.  Laurie Cruikshank

 Hey this is Amanda. I just wanted to write to you to tell you how well Bella is doing. She is close to 10 weeks old now and she is beautiful. She had her 2nd vet visit Tuesday. She is very healthy. She has no worms, no fleas, no ear mites...and weighs 2 lbs 4 oz! She is just a bundle of joy and has the best personality. Her favorite toy is a sock or shoe and she loves to play peek-a-boo. Thank you so much. -Amanda


Hi Glenda,

Sorry.......... It's been a while since we last spoke, lots has happened. My father was able to enjoy Sammy for only 3 weeks, but, he was thrilled to have him around! We would go into the house, and find Sammy sitting proudly on my dad's lap. What a great memory! My dad passed away on June 16. I can only tell you, the best thing we ever did was get the puppy from you when we did, as little Sammy has brought much happiness and joy to my mom. He has become her companion and best friend. He sleeps in bed with her, goes shopping with her, and also adds some sunshine into her life. My parents were married for 59 years, and never apart. So, at least Sam is around to cheer her up a bit.

Sam was just registered with AKC this week, and is officially named:

Mon Petite Sambucca Royal.  (My father LOVED Sambucca, and they wanted to call him Sammy, so- the name fits him!)

I am sending over a picture of Sammy and Mia..........taken this past weekend.  Mia is a bit scuffle- as she is coming into heat and acting VERY WEIRD!  We love them both!  PS. Sammy weighed in at just a little over 4 lbs on Friday.  Enjoy the picture,

Best Regards,




Hello Mrs. York!  It has been a while since we have communicated!  I was looking at your website today as I know of someone looking for a pup!  I have referred them to your website. How are you doing?  Still busy with your business, I hope?  We just adore our little babies, and cannot believe how fast time flies!  Twix, our once "chocolate" baby, is now 3 yrs, 4 months.  Snickers, our little trouble maker, is now 2 yrs, 1 month (and I still think of him as a pup!)  Snickers is quite a bit bigger than Twix and uses it to his advantage during cuddle time!  I have attached 2 pictures for you.  One at Christmas, and the other this past holiday weekend, wearing their little hats.  Well, just wanted to touch base and thank you again for our little angels!

Best regards,

Tori Waters



I could not remember if I thanked you or not for my boys  SO THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!! As you can see they have made them selves right at home they are running and playing all over the place, I gave them toys and they are having a ball. I named them   RHONDA'S RUDY RED &  RHONDA'S RIPLEY RED

Hi Mrs. York.
Hope you have been well.  Just wanted to say hello and send you a few
pictures of Lola.  What a sweet little dog she turned out to be! Just loving
and happy all the time.  People love her everywhere I go.  I have given your
name to many people, most recently I had Lolita with me in Chicago and I
gave your name to 3 or 4 people who wanted to know where I got her. Hope you
remember me, I live in Ny at The Ritz and I got your name from David and
Nadine (I stopped in their store the other day and saw Brandy)
Thanks again, I really love her and Bambino does too
Happy Holidays!

Hello Glenda, 

I purchased a Yorkie Puppy from you almost two years ago.  I can't believe it's been that long.  His name is Aidan.  I think you may have left a message on my Parents answering machine a month or so ago.  I sent am email to another address that you had posted on the breeders website but I don't think it was working.  So I saw this email address so I am going to give this another shot.  


 I have attached a couple of pictures.  I have many more on my home computer but these what I have at work.  He is just the best thing in the world.  We are so close and we just enjoy each other.  We take him to doggy day care and he just has a great time.  He is a little skittish in the morning but once he warms up to everybody he enjoys himself immensely.  He cuddles a lot of with the counselors.  I think that because they can't keep their hands off of him...  :)  He is one of the cutest pups there.  We have gotten rave reviews about him.  They say he is such a sweet and loving dogs.  Quick story:  I dropped him off today to play.  There was this large dog trying to immediate him by pouncing and barking at him.  Well all of sudden Aidan jumps up at the dogs chest and growls back at him.  I couldn't believe it because the other dog was at least 60 lbs.  Well needless to say they found out who's the boss.  He is small but mighty. 

  saw that you have a female yorkie for sale.  I just would love to have a sister for Aidan but the funds are on hold.  Maybe one day.  I just think he would have the best time w/ a playmate. 

 I hope all is well and let me know how you are doing.

 Take care,

Julie (Benefield) Cardon


Here are two pictures of the puppy that I purchased from you a couple of months ago. She is doing great and I absolutley love her. She goes with me wherever I go but she can't go to school with me so she stays with my sister until I get home again. I can't leave her behind she loves riding in the car now and she has her own seat. Thank you so much for being so good to me when I was asking all of the questions.

If you want to use me as a reference feel free to. 904-626-5633 or my home 904-778-7629

Thanks again,
Brittney Loehmann

I know....I can't take him anywhere without stopping traffic, or people running across the street to ask me about him.  He is quite the conversation piece. I love him soooooo much. I have met so many people because of him...When you think about it, it's kind of funny that people see him first and me second HAHAHA!!!

But we have a vet appointment on Friday, I'll send you an email with his weight. By the way, do you know of anyone who might be interested in using him as a stud? I think he'd make some BEAUTIFUL puppies.

P.S. Thanks for retouching the photo, I must learn how to do that...Talk to you soon and thanks again.



Hi,  It's been too long, but wanted to let you know things have settled down with my family and I have finally gotten our puppy registered!  His name is Max and he is everything we could expect, beautiful, smart and oh so lovable!


Sire:  T. J. Rex

Dam:  Summer Rain

DOB:  06/21/06

Thanks.....I may look you up in the future for a female I could breed him too, he's so great!

 Carolyn Corcoran

Hello Glenda,
I just wanted to stop by and bring you up to date with Lila Man. I am
attaching a picture that we took today. Lil Man had his first hair cut. He
brought home his report card and he received an A for his behavior. Comments
from the groomer were: "He's a doll". Of course I told her that when I took
him in. Lil Man is doing great. He is learning how to go outside to potty.
He is truly a joy to be around. We love our Lil Man.
Thanks a bunch for bringing him in this world for us to love.
Deborah and Kevin
I got the most fabulous puppy from you

Thank You for my ANGEL GIRL we love her to pieces, she is a wonderful addition to our family she has filled such a void in our lives. thank you for the pictures and info on her parents and family members, they are beautiful dogs, sorry it has took me so long to let you know how she is doing and opening your e-mails, we took her to the vet tuesday, she weighs 3 pounds and 3 quarters, we got her shots, but we did not get her wormed, he wants a stool sample to see if she has any he said she looked great, you could say she is already spoiled rotten, my fault!!!! we got her some of nutri-cal, and the chicken liver flavored cheese in a can for puppies, just like the american cheese, she loves it!! i also changed her dog food to Nutro Max for puppies, she likes it to all vet approved, TAKING NO RISKS !!! also thank you for the pray peom about jim, you have made a huge impact on my life!!! you were heaven sent with a wonderful miracle, THANK YOU for all you goodness and kindness, i wrote you a e-mail earlier but i dont know if it was sent, so i'm re-e-mailing you, please e-mail me back, and keep in touch on the phone, i will call after 9:00 when my minutes are free, thank you again!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Hi. Once I saw the name Glenda, I knew it was the right place! We named her Dolce, which means sweet in Italian, because she is about the sweetest thing anyone's ever seen. Even my oldest daughter, who doesn't like dogs AT ALL, is very attached to her. Dolce is adorable, everyone comments on her disposition, and her unique color. She's smart, I've taught her to sit, stay, I can put a piece of food on the floor in front of her, and she will sit still until I say "OK". We have a toddler who spends a lot of time at our house, and Dolce is incredibly tolerant of being picked up, and roughhoused with. She plays with the cats, rides in the car for 3 hours without complaint or accident. In other words, it's been 25 years since I had a dog, and is she ever worth the wait!!! Thank you so much!




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